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New Elements Gallery

Ann Parks McCray

Draped in Spring
30”W x 40”H - Oil

Ann Parks McCray, "Draped in Spring"

Country Walk
30”W x 30”H - Oil

Ann Parks McCray, "Country Walk"

Early Birds
40”W x 30”H - Oil

Ann Parks McCray, "Early Birds"

Following the Hidden Path
30”W x 30”H - Oil

Ann Parks McCray, "Following the Hidden Path"

Betty Brown

Angel Stamp
13"W x 17"H w/frame - Oil Collage

Betty Brown, "Angel Stamp"

Brookgreen Kitchen
30"W x 26"H w/frame - Watercolor

Betty Brown, "Brookgreen Kitchen"

Flyin' High
22"W x 18"H - Oil Collage

Betty Brown, "Flyin' High"

House in the Corn Field
34½"W x 31”H w/frame - Watercolor

Betty Brown, "House in the Corn Field"

Landscape, Black & White
12"W x 31"H - Oil

Betty Brown, "Landscape, Black & White"

Porch on Yellow House
35½"W x 31"H w/frame - Watercolor

Betty Brown, "Porch on Yellow House"

Sassy's Bouquet
19"W x 23"H w/frame - Watercolor

Betty Brown, "Sassy's Bouquet"

Sea, Sand, and Sky Study
24"W x 12"H - Oil

Betty Brown, "Sea, Sand, and Sky Study"

South End Tidal Pool
19¼"W x 23½"H w/frame - Oil

Betty Brown, "South End Tidal Pool"

Kyle Highsmith

Big Boats in the Yacht Harbor
47"W x 37"H - Oil

Kyle Highsmith, "Big Boats in the Yacht Harbor"